Saturday, April 22, 2006

Homegame Tourney Action

I guess if you have a few bad sessions, everyone suddenly wants you in your game... Soxlover extended me an invite on behalf of Jordan, who was hosting a homegame tourney Friday night.

I went with two missions: to put Soxlover on TILT, and to try to have a good time. Soxlover foiled my plan by getting busted on the very first hand of the tourney - nice defense douchebag. I later tilted myself by mucking the NUT LOW (we were playing NL Holdem) after action was complete on the river, when it turned out my opponent had the same hand. I eventually got heads up with Jordan, our host, and managed to get him all-in with Friday in Vegas: JJ vs his QJ. He turned a gutshot straight, and I was all-in the next hand, again with Friday in Vegas. This time his Q-4 spiked a queen, and Jordan took down first place in his own tourney. Yeah - like that wasn't rigged. I settled for second, and along the way managed to put a few nice suckouts on Jordan's collection of internet young guns. These guys are SnG specialists, but I looked into their souls Hellmuth-style (minus all the douche-bagged-ness) and neutralized their lethal tourney skills.

Today me and 6 friends are going on on the Deep Banana Blackout concert cruise. One of my favorite bands (a horns infused jam band) has re-united for the Green Apple Festival - a NYC Earthday special. Major drunkenness is forecast, along with thunderstorms and 45 degree temperatures: I'm offering a bounty to the first person in my crew who pukes off the boat.

In the meantime, you must all check out, the home of internet pro's Dustin "NeverWin" Woolf, Todd "DanDruff" Whittles and Bryan Micon. They have a few stories on there which need to be addressed by me in future posts, but lets just say they involve

a) Gavin Griffin's hammer


b) (allegedly) David Williams in a porno.

That should keep you busy for a little while...

until next time,


HighOnPoker said...

It was good having you. FYI, though, my Internet young guns are mostly not Internet players. The blogger crew there were, but Mikey Aps, Marc (3rd place) and the other Mike barely play online. That said, you still looked into their soul. GG.

drewspop said...

Good to meet a Sox fan in NY and playing with you. I was the donkey that got all of Sox's chips on the first hand them still managed to sprinkle them across to everyone else.

Nice game man.