Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tipping Point

The Red Sox failed to make a big name trade as MLB's trade deadline passed. The Yankees dipped into their limitless coffers to fork out $22mm for Bobby Abreau, the best hitter available. Trot Nixon is out for at least 3 weeks, Jason Varitek twisted his knee, a virtual death sentence for a catcher, and David Wells failed miserably in his return from the disabled list, getting spanked for 8 runs in 4-odd innings. I went to bed thinking "this could be the turning point in the season, and not in a good way." With the Sox trailing 8-6, they'd fall into a tie with the Yankees for first place.

Then David Ortiz took over.

Big Papi's walkoff 3-run HR is simply superhuman - because he does it so often. Five walkoff hits in the last 51 days. Clutch? No. Invincible . Ortiz has approached a status in Boston that few before have attained. Boston's holy sports trinity has always been Larry Bird, Bobby Orr and Ted Williams, but it seems like Ortiz is approaching Bird-like status - simply as clutch as one can possibly be. Infallible.

And for anyone who is really wondering why opposing pitchers don't pitch around Ortiz in these situations, the answer is simple: with men on base, you cannot put Ortiz on to pitch to Manny Ramirez. Ortiz knows this, and made damn sure the Sox didn't lose Manny in the past offseason.

In other news, I was severely TILTED today when I head about this company. They sell ice made from spring water... But wait - it's not even frozen: you buy these little prepackaged water packs that look like miniature pudding containers, and then you put them in the freezer. WHAT THE FUCK? Seriously - I want to know who the fuck is buying these things. Why wouldn't you just buy a bottle of water and pour it into your ice tray if you're into purified ice? Even if you buy this dumb ass product, you still have to put it in the freezer! Aiyahh! I'm fucking steaming that there are a bunch of French doucheballs somewhere getting rich off this shit. FUCK.

that is all.