Monday, April 13, 2009

Phish Meets Finance II

In addition to Phish lyrics bringing me back to freshman year psychology, I'm finding that they frequently ring true with respect to our current financial crisis. Part 1 of "Phish Meets Finance" featured the not so simple "This isn't who it would be, if it wasn't who it is" from Wolfman's Brother.

Today, every time I listen to "Fluffhead" all I can think of is Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Fluffhead was a man
With a horrible disease
Could not find no cure
Won't you help him if you please?

What's the cure? Perhaps MORE debt? MORE money created? Can anyone help poor Timmy G borrow his way out of this borrowing trap?

Fluff came to my door
Askin' me for change
His eyes were clear and pure
But his mind was so deranged

I think we already know how the American people feel about this one - we're pretty pissed about the prior Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson coming to our door to ask us for a few trillion dollars to commit to aid for the ailing banks and guarantees for their bad assets...

Fluff went to a banker
Askin' for some bills
The banker said, I ain't got that
But I sure got some powerful pills.

Ahhh - the money line. Actually, when Geithner went to Bernanke at the Fed for help, Bernanke did indeed provide him some bills... Trillions of them - to be used for purchasing all the crap that no one else wanted to purchase. Of course, Big Ben also has some other powerful pills in his arsenal - like more convoluted plans to prevent banks and their debtholders from taking the losses that are rightfully theirs.

-Kid Dynamite

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