Monday, January 25, 2010

Championship Weekend

Quick thoughts while I write Part III of the Vegas Trip report:

It's not up on Youtube, but Jordin Sparks' rendition of the National Anthem  before yesterday's AFC Championship game was superb.  Not just Sparks' voice - I thought the sound system kinda sucked and was distorting her a little bit - but the gigundous flag that covered the entire field, and the eagle that flew over the field, and looked like it flew around in several extra loops afterward, refusing to land.   It make me think of this:

America - FUCK YEAH!   Suck it Osama - we have a huge huge flag and a friggin EAGLE!

Regarding the NFC Championship Game - man, Brett Favre is tough.  I sent a text to Big Show and Dirty Dave right before Minny took a 14-7 lead that said "OMG - they are KILLING Brett Favre. He looks like he just pooped himself."   And they were - Favre took a beating - but two hours later in the 4th quarter it was even worse.  The Saints absolutely CRUSHED him repeatedly, and with malice.  It almost looked like Favre would have the storybook ending - bruised and battered, limping like he had a dump in his pants, leading the Vikes on a game winning drive and to the Super Bowl.  But then they had an absolutely shocking too many men in the huddle penalty which pushed them to the outer reaches of feasible field goal range, forced Favre to throw the ball, and resulted in an interception.  How on Earth does Minnesota get a penalty like that (too many men in the huddle?!?!?!) in a spot where they have a kicker who is just waiting for a free roll to win the game!!!  Insane. 

For some reason, I also repeatedly got a kick out of the way Drew Brees crouches down in the huddle - real low, like a ninja.  Love it.

I hope to have Vegas Part III up later today.


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