Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Soap Eating Dogs and Other Stuff

Late yesterday afternoon I was downstairs watching TV while Mrs. Dynamite was upstairs cleaning.  Suddenly, I heard her cooing "oh, are you ok?" Followed quickly by "I need your help!"

I ran upstairs to find her holding Mr. Griffey, freaking out.  "I was cleaning the shower, and I turned around, and the bar of Irish Spring soap that was on the ground is gone!" 

"You think he ate a whole bar of soap?"  I couldn't believe it. I mean, Griffey has shown that he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I don't think he'd eat a bar of soap.  He's an eleven pound munchkin.

"He's got soap in his beard!"  She was almost in tears.  Griffey did have a little piece of blue soap in his beard, as he looked up at me and wagged his tail.

"Ummm, ok, so, I guess I'll call the vet?"  I suggested.

I walked down the hall to our office, where the phone is, and found the bar of soap on the floor, with a few tooth marks in it from where Griffey had carried it.  Disaster averted!

Here's what I've been reading the past few days:

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EconomicDisconnect said...

Glad the pup is ok. Related tale;
We had a bunch of people over for Christams 2 years a go and I had made a platter of scallops wrapped in bacon, the kind with the toothpicks holding them together. One of the guests, not well versed in the ability of a pug to problem solve, left the platter on a low coffee table near a chair. Of course the dog jumped on the chair and jumped all the over to the table and ate about 12 of the scallop/bacon/toothpick items. I went in that room, noticed the missing food and saw a very guilty looking dog. I was scared the toothpicks would perforate his stomach or intestines. We were all set to go to the animal ER whn I noticed he had dumped a pile of 12 toothpicks under the couch! Seems he ate around them. Of course we still had to deal with the processing of all that food, but what a relief.

Transor Z said...

Glad Mr. Griffey didn't go full tard on you.

When our dog was still a puppy he was dragging his butt on the ground one time during a poop. I had to help pull out three or four 4" - 6" blades of grass he had swallowed whole.

FWIW, we feed him plain white rice with crumbled ground turkey to help him get "back on track" after one of his (many) lapses in judgment.

Daniel said...

If your dog doesn't consume something that makes it throw up, (always on the carpet for some reason, never the hardwood floors) at least once a month, it's not really a dog. Things my dogs have consumed and then subsequently expunged: dead sea lion, dead seagull, snake, baby poop, tampons, condoms (used, never, ever, ever, throw out in the trash, you have to flush), stockings, rocks, coins and the piece de la resistance that gave our spaniel pancreatitis that almost killed him, an entire pan of turkey fat from a 15 pound barbequed turkey....

The Bracelet said...

I'm not going to lie. I think I would have walked back in the other room and told my girlfriend that the doc said it would be fatal. Then I'd pull it out from behind my back and say I was joking. Spending the rest of the day repeating, "Oh, c'mooooooon already it WAS funny. And soap isn't going to kill a dog. Don't be ridiculous. You know what isn't ridiculous? You stopping the pouting and cleaning the kitchen."