Saturday, July 30, 2005

Between Two Rocks and a Hard Place

well, they weren't really rocks - solid aggressive players is a better description, but i definitely found myself in a hard place:

live 6-handed 1-2 NL game, i have roughly $225 to start this hand, my opponents have me covered.

UTG folds, and i'm next with black Queens: i raise to $10, and get called by Diego on the button, Steve in the SB, and Joe in the BB : all competetant, capable players.

flop: T-5-4, two spades.

check, check to me, i bet $40. Diego calls, Steve calls, Joe calls. ok....

turn: offsuit T, pairing the board..

check, check to me again... tough spot, as Joe and Steve are both tricky players, easily capable of letting me do their bidding for them by checking to me... I have $175 left, and am committed if i bet at this pot.

Since my bets, especially with draws present, are frequently in the neighborhood of pot-sized, i will only get called here by a ten...

i check. Diego checks behind me.

river: 4: pairing the board again, no flush possible. Now Steve and Joe check it to me again. i check, and Diego bets $75 into the $200 pot.

Steve and Joe fold, i call, and he shows me K-4! King Fucking Four! i guess he was counting on implied-tilt-odds (credit the Tiltboys) when he called my flop bet with two players to act behind him...

This is an interesting hand, as i clearly would have won the pot with a turn bet, yet such a bet still seems questionable at best in my view here.

fuck it.

until next time,

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