Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sanjaya and Other Randomness

Yes yes, Part III of the Vegas Recap is coming... hopefully this weekend.
In the meantime, the immortal Dr. Pauly had a brilliant rumination a few weeks ago, which is worth quoting here:
"Here's where I relate visiting hookers to poker. I came to the conclusion that tournaments were like long term relationships that included an arduous courting process where you put in hours and hours into foreplay without getting laid. Whereas cash games are like those ladies you pick up at the Hooker Bar in Las Vegas. You know exactly what you are getting yourself into and although the pay off down the line is not as big as a score in a tournament, you do get instant satisfaction and gratification. If taking a few bucks off the table and walking away with a freshly fucked glow is your goal, then stop playing and bubbling out of elongated tournaments and hit up the cash game orgy. Short-handed NL tables are like singles bars on a Friday night. Everyone there just wants to score. Quickly."
For those of you wondering why the fuck Sanjaya hasn't been voted off on American Idol, it's simple: American Dreamz. The 2006 movie was a satire of American Idol where the crappy Arabian kid beats the blonde all-American girl. Yeah - I know Sanjaya isn't Arabian - but the movie is still proving prophetic.
Other things to keep you busy while you wait for my Vegas Part III:
-Peter "Duke Sucks" Rosenberg has another hot parody video "Bowlin'"
-The classic Phil Hellmuth blow-up from Poker After Dark. three part series here. Pay special attention to Phil's attempt to act tough, by ordering the waitress: "Give me a White Russian - make it a double!" Impossible to imitate.
- The Poker Lesson series - pretty frickin' funny stuff.
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