Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The WSOP is underway already, and two sites will keep you up to date with all you need to know:
WickedchopsPoker posts several times daily in their inimitable, irreverent, yet informative style,
and Pauly @ the Tao of Poker is again working the WSOP circuit with his veteran insight and angles.
Story of the day is Tony G threatening to whoop someones ass at Cardplayer - as they're stealing the chip counts Tony G's company bought the rights too. Read Tony's beef HERE.
The non poker topic this week is how the Sopranos season finale will go down next week. Big Show predicts a True Romance style Mexican standoff, where everyone dies in a hail of gunfire. I think a realistic scenario is that AJ actually kills Tony! Let's think about it - AJ has been portrayed as the biggest pussy of all time - couldn't Tony say something to him about being a MAN, and AJ respond by killing his old man?
we'll see.

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