Thursday, November 29, 2007

Triple Crown

So Bones writes to me, "I feel like I know WAY too much about what's going on inside your bathroom these days." Hey man - life gives you lemons, you make lemonade... Which is why today's post completes the triple crown: it's about Oscar's pee.

We went to our Thursday night agility training class, which is held in a building that has a pet boutique in the ground floor. Oscar, in his excitement browsing the store, decided to tag a deluxe carrying bag - lifting his leg and unleashing a torrent of fury on it. As we asked the store clerks for some cleaner and paper towels, I cringed at the $140 price tag. The clerks didn't realize that Oscar had hit the bag, and told us "Guys - relax - that's clean enough," as we furiously scrubbed at the bag with the stain cleaner and paper towels.

When we explained that Oscar had hit the bag too, he told us not to worry. Mrs. Dynamite razzed me all through class, "That's one less puppy that they'll be able to get adopted because they are a non-profit and cannot sell that bag now." She insisted that we check with the guy on the way out. We practically begged him to make us buy the bag, but he insisted it wasn't an issue, and Oscar was off the hook.

Here's a video from a more successful trip to a store with Oscar - on his 2nd birthday last month when I let him pick out his own treat:

and here's a picture of him in his pirate halloween costume:

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Uncle Bracelet said...

I like where this blog is heading.

Well played, sir.