Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anthem Time

Wait Til Next Century did a writeup on some past National Anthem performances that wasn't quite as good as the one I did last year, but he did embed the top notch Chicago NHL All-Star game performance, so props for that.
Jordin Sparks, the reigning American Idol, will do the Anthem this year.
Vegas Watch did a piece on a number of Super Bowl prop bets, including the Sparks Anthem over/under, which is set at 1 minute 42 seconds. As I found out last year, when Billy Joel rushed through the Anthem in the rain, just because all of the past performances you can find on YouTube are longer than that doesn't mean we should ignore the other factors. Last year I overestimated Billy Joel's performance flair and lost my bet with Dirty Dave.
Sparks is a mere pup at 18 years of age - so maybe nerves will be a factor? On the contrary - she's had plenty of exposure from Idol, and will probably embrace the chance to show off her pipes. Go with the Anthem Over and the Pats minus the points.

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