Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I'm pleased to announce that when you search for "slutty rockstars" on Google, Kid Dynamite's World is the number one result! I'm also #3 for "deadlift blowout o-ring," and #2 for a Yahoo search on the immortal Jorge Poo Tang.
If you've been living under a rock, you're probably unaware that Harrah's made some major corporate whorishness changes to this years WSOP main event, which will result in the final table of the $10k NLHE World Championship being played in NOVEMBER, almost 4 months after the start of the tournament. Now, if you want, you can read through hundreds of posts in this 2+2 thread, or read Otis's more succinct summary of why he doesn't like the idea. The bottom line is that the main "pro" for this retarded idea is that it will hopefully get more people interested in poker.
The contra argument to that claim is that everyone who wants to play poker is already watching and playing poker, and that if Harrahs really wants to increase the poker playing population, they should use their corporate clout to lobby Washington to of repeal the ridiculous Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. If Joe-Bob Doucheball in Kansas City were able to log on at night and dump a few buy-ins playing 2-4NLHE on Party Poker it would get him a whole lot more interested in the game than watching Norman Chad and Lon McEachern give verbal reach-arounds to Phil Ivey and Allen Cunningham on ESPN.
edit: I almost forgot - I had an epiphany this morning as I lay in bed - if they want ratings for the WSOP Main Event on TV, fuck postponing it... they should get rid of the chips and use cash! Big million dollar cubes of cash - the players would hurl them back and forth at each other. Each contestant could have a little forklift beside him stacked with cash cubes, which he would make a show of heaving onto the table to bet. Retarded you say? Hey - don't put anything past the corporate whores at Harrahs and ESPN.
Anyway. I always applaud consumers exercising their rights to choose NOT to to business with certain companies, but I have to laugh at all the people who read the new Harrah's policy and said "Fuck it - I'm not playing in the Main Event because of this."
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