Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Full Circle

Somehow I missed the perfect conclusion to yesterday's post about my decent into an out of control TILTed-freight-train. Bones and I had been discussing Rowdy Roddy Piper quotes earlier in the day, and Bones uttered the Budda-esque words of wisdom:

"When in doubt, look to Piper."

The Rowdy one summed it up with the enlightenment: "Just when they thought they had the answers, I changed the questions." Unfortunately, my time on the Party 2-4NL 6 max tables was the opposite: "Just when I thought I had the answers, THEY changed the questions."

On a different subject, have you checked out Wikipedia? This is an online interactive encyclopedia where users can add and edit information. Of course, this means you shouldn't take everything you see there are the gospel, since people can make mistakes (like calling off their stack with top pair top kicker - achem), but there is a broad wealth of information on almost any subject to distract you from more important things you should be doing.

I was personally shocked to find out that Abdullah the Butcher is not really a Sudanese marauder, but just some fat Canadian Judo expert named Larry Shreve. Man... All those childhood nightmares for nothing...

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