Sunday, March 12, 2006


I read in Cardplayer that the World Poker Tour has ended it's alliance with PartyPoker (Party Poker Million) and Ultimate Bet (Aruba Classic). They will not be part of next season's calendar of WPT events. Why is this? WPT wants to promote their own poker site: Hopefully they won't fuck up this layup, and the stock will get back to a decent valuation.

Other thoughts: Ted forrest is SICK. His card sense and ability to absolutely NAIL his opponent's hole cards, even when he's not in a hand is downright scary. I will not fuck with Ted Forrest.

In puppy news, my boy Oscar is starting to lift his leg when he pees! Daddy is so proud - baby boy is growing up fast!

until next time,

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Blonde said...

enough of the poker...I am in love with your dog. Guy's with dogs weaken me everytime.

Read your comment on Bobby B's blog. Apparently, you don't read mine or you would know that I am tame on his.

Rock on.