Monday, July 28, 2008

Festivus Feats of Strength

I don't ask for much.  This "blog" is a whore free zone - I don't shill products I don't use, I don't plug my throngs of readers with Google AdWords junk, and I don't pimp requests for donations from other people.  Thus, when you read this post about how you should donate to my friend Jeff LeBlanc's fundraising effort for Alzheimer's research, you can be sure there's a good reason.

The main reason for me is that Jeff accomplished a superhuman feat.  He ran 100 miles in just under 24 hours.  I have massive respect and awe for that.  Jeff's grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's last year, and his fiancee lost her grandmother to Alzheimer's several years ago.  Several months ago Jeff, who is active in the Alzheimer's Association, sent me an invite to an event they were having at a NYC club to raise money.  Discussing it with him, he gave me the impression that it wasn't a big deal for him if I came to the event.  I didn't.  When he told me about his run, however, no discussion was needed:  if you're running 100 miles, I'm making a donation.  I have another friend who dealt with Alzheimer's with his father, but I never got motivated to contribute or urge others to contribute until now.  I have been working out very regularly since November, but I'm certain I haven't had a MONTH where I ran 100 miles.  Jeff's feat is noteworthy, and he has earned attention (and awe) for his cause.

Read Jeff's recap of his feat, and if it moves you, please donate to his cause.



Betty Underground said...


Tell Jeff he is an amazing and inspiring individual.

Inspiration is not always in the words someone speaks, but the actions they take.

Anonymous said...

why do you not have a blog entry for "Housewives gone crazy"?

Anonymous said...

Apparently, in addition to being a "whore free zone," this blog is also a "poker free" zone as well.

Kid...seriously. I go to Deadspin for funny shit.

For actual poker content, I come (so to speak) to how about it? Get back on the horse!