Tuesday, August 05, 2008


An anonymous commenter wants poker content... hmmmm... Long ago, this started as a poker blog - it was really so that I didn't have to send my friends a bunch of emails - they could read the blog and comment on the hands as desired. Eventually, I realized that most of my recaps were pretty boring after a while, and that almost every poker question always comes down to "it depends."
Now I play poker daily, and I usually have a good reason for my decisions, so I don't feel the need to post hands here - 80% of them would be bad beat or cold deck stories anyway. Still, today I played a pretty interesting hand, so, for your poker starved enjoyment:
5-10NL, I have $2600.
$20 straddle, and I look down at black 9-9. I make it $80, and get called 4 times, I'll act 3rd out of 5 on the flop.
the flop is: K-8-6 rainbow.
Check-check to me, and I bet $225. Folded around to a loose-aggro player to my immediate right who had been the straddle. We'll call him Laggro. Laggro smooth calls.
turn: 7, making two clubs.
Laggro open shoves. He has me covered. Hmmmm.
This is probably an easy fold (and I eventually folded), and I've lost many a pot by trying to get into 9th level thinking and reason that I must have the best hand, making a hero call and pushing my stack to my opponent when he shows me the nuts, but lets talk about it: Laggro probably has a) hand like KT or K9 b) bottom two pair c) a pair and a straight draw d) complete air
I think he puts me on AceKing. My next question is - does he expect me to call with AK? or fold it? He thinks I'm a tight player... he can't really expect me to call $2300 here with AK - but then again, he knows that I know that he knows that... blah blah blah.. Laggro is a thinking player, and I can certainly apply multi-level thinking to my analysis here, but in the end, I think it's just too thin to call here with the hope that he's just trying to induce a fold.
The good news is that I have outs if I'm trailing, as I've picked up an open ended straight draw. If your advocating a call, would you still be advocating a call if the turn were a deuce instead of a seven?
Perhaps a more interesting question is, if I had AK, would I call here? I'm really not sure...
Now, a few more data points:
1) Laggro has thrown big air balls at other players in similar situations - got called and shown absolutely nothing. So I know he can throw a pure bluff. Then again, I know that he knows that I know this...
2) we played a pot earlier in the day where it was 5-10, 4 people called $10, and he made it $125 from the SB. Knowing that he views me as tight, and having had previous days where he's told me "I'm giving you no action today," I decided to get aggressive with my 88, and made it $425 - leaving me $665 behind. He smooth called me, pushed on the 7-6-2 two heart flop, and showed down Ac6c which was no good.
So. Anonymous Commenters - discuss.


The Bracelet said...

I think I developed an aneurysm halfway through that post. Seriously, we must out this commenter and beat them senseless. Please don't do this again. My therapist says I'm not allowed to think at Level 9 or higher until my blood pressure gets under control. Get back to happy doucheball stories and trip reports or I swear to god I will email you a bad beat story every hour, on the hour.

Yours truly,

Roberto Bracelleti

Chris Carroll said...

Thanks for the immediate response. I'm the guy from yesterday. Apparently, I'll have to keep my head on a swivel looking for the Bracelet to see if he's bringing a smackdown my way.

And I didn't know you were playing every day...that may explain any aversion to writing about it frequently.

Thanks again, and keep posting...I check the site daily for a good read.

Fuel55 said...

You can't call but he has 55 for sure.

Kid Dynamite said...

actually, i think K5 or K9 are infinitely more likely for him than 55.

lj said...

since you're taking requests, i would love to see 1) your take on the main event/any wsop coverage...i just randomly clicked on one of your old main event tv review posts and laughed pretty hard and 2) more vegas posts pls. those are hilarious.

tyvm. :-)

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

poker posts are boring. Your trip recaps are hilarious. Actually, all your nonpoker posts are hilarious.