Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Let's Talk

See, the great thing about Kid Dynamite's World, apart from the fact that you the reader get to enjoy the benefits of me being a cunning linguist, is that I take requests. After the anonymous commenter who has since been outed as "Chris" requested poker content, I gave you poker content. Unfortunately, The Bracelet threatened Chris with bodily harm because his brain almost blew up pondering my multi-level thought analysis, so I'll pacify The Bracelet with this great clip he sent me the other day:

There's something about the Blackface Robert Downey Jr. that absolutely kills me.
Back to the readers: I played Pauly's Pokerstars Birthday tourney last night, and dominated it in my usual fashion. My problem is that I cannot resist a freeroll - it's in my blood - so when Pauly arranged for a $5k Borgata tourney seat and a few nights at the Borgata to be tacked onto the first place prize, I couldn't resist. This was a $5 tourney with about 550 entrants, so another $5k in the prize pool was a massive 200% overlay! Of course, I played for 3 1/2 hours, busted out in 10th place, and netted $23 for my troubles. Aiyahhh! I did have the pleasure of busting the venerable DonkeyPuncher, and several rabid Kid Dynamite fans were kind enough to say "hi" from the rail and complement my blog.
LJ left me a comment asking for comments on the WSOP - a few years ago I did an episode by episode recap of ESPN's coverage. I'm not doing that anymore, because apart from High Stakes Poker, all televised poker is basically a bunch of all-in confrontations edited for tv, and is generally not too interesting. I mean, I could write each week about how Phil Hellmuth is a douche, but really, what would that accomplish? I'll tell you what - we'll definitely have a special "Douchebags of the 2008 WSOP" post. Plus, I certainly don't want to stir up the wrath of William Rockwell again.
Speaking of endorsements, I've heard through the grapevine that one of the WSOP main event final tablists locked up a $1MM endorsement from PokerStars for wearing their logo at the final table, and another $250k from someone else - I think GatorAde. If this is true, then the mission has been accomplished by delaying the final table - the players are benefitting big time, even if it will result in a different final table dynamic.
A few readers commented on my Vegas trip reports - the problem, guys, is that I have to actually GO to Vegas to write a trip report... Fear not - it's been far too long, and something will happen soon with respect to that I hope.
Finally, I just finished my seventh consecutive losing session of NLHE - and these losses are signficant. I'm not too disturbed - the first thing I do after a session is think about how I could have played better. Sometimes I make poor decisions and lose. Sometimes I make good decisions and lose - as long as my decision making is sound, I can tolerate the losses - and I feel like I've been playing some of my best poker lately. Unfortunately, all I have to show for it is a long string of multiple 4 figure losses in my spreadsheet. When someone tells me they play poker, or want to play poker, the first thing I ask them is, "How big is the biggest pot you ever lost?" Poker is an easy game when you're winning - but when you lose, via bad beats, bad decisions or a combination of both, and take sustained losses for a period of time, you will find out exactly how good a poker player you are.
Since I finished 10th in Pauly's prestigious tourney last night, I know that I'm still a world class player.

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