Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Learned It By Watching YOU!

Thanks to the Big Show for this all-too-true cartoon:


wunsacon said...

Hello KD,

Superficially, I see the comparison. But, not after a little more thought.

The money from Social Security doesn't buy limos, yachts, caviar, etc.

Sure, not everyone needs Social Security payments. But, those who do need it, *do need it*. That includes:
(a) Older people who worked for companies that didn't pay pensions or who cheated on contributions and screwed workers.
(b) People of any age too disabled to work.

Long ago, I knew a couple people on SSDI. When I see people disparage Social Security as a "Ponzi scheme", it really saddens me. Please come up with some other argument.

Kid Dynamite said...

thanks for the comment.

i don't think it's "disparaging" social security as a ponzi scheme - but it's important to understand that this is exactly how social security works: just like a ponzi scheme. it takes the payments from the new workers, and uses them to pay out the old benefits.

in other words, given the population demographics we're facing (retiring baby boomers!) it's NOT SUSTAINABLE!

also, you mention pensions - many of which are run the same way! another problem that needs fixing.