Thursday, September 15, 2005

Conquering the Beast

Who took down a 2 table $20 SnG on Party last night? Any idea? That's right muthafuckas: KID DYNAMITE. The funny thing is, I think this may be the first tournament I've ever actually won - I have certainly had bigger paydays, but usually deals were cut, or I've been eliminated before dispatching all would-be challengers.

Although I still have trouble reading the online game, there really is a plentitude (great word I just made up) of poor players. The way I recognize a poor player is simply by looking at his bet size relative to the pot size.

When we got down to 6-handed (top 4 pay), I had 7k of the 20k in play, there were two 2k short stacks, and two 4k stacks. Chips got shifted back and forth for two full blind levels (100-200 and 150-300), before I suddenly crashed and burned down to 1500 in chips on 3 successive hands. On one I turned two pair with a flush draw against top set, and on another I called with a draw that didn't get there.

Just as quickly as I had tumbled from the penthouse to the outhouse, I doubled up twice, regained my chip lead, and never looked back. I thoroughly thrashed the table with a merciless succession of preflop raises and postflop bets and by the time I got heads up, there was literally no way I could lose: my opponent, with 300-600 blinds and 1200 in his stack, would MUCK to me in his SB! I hammered every pot and whittled his stack down.

Finally, after 2 hours, the $160 first prize was mine. We goin' to SIZZLER baby!

More important than the money though, is the glory. That's right. No longer am I the "guy who finished second (that paid $5500 by the way) in the Mirage Thursday night tourney in August '04." I am now the "guy who won a 2 table $20 SnG on Party." Suck It.... Fear me.

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Twin C said...

Take your victories when you can get 'em, baby!