Monday, September 12, 2005

R You Kidding Me?

Did you see the MTV VMA awards? I saw bits and pieces of it - but this weekend, during one of the endless replays - I saw what may be the most bizarre scene I've ever seen on TV in my lifetime.

R. Kelly takes the stage, and I immediately ask Mrs. Dynamite "How does he still have a career after getting bagged for banging a 16 year old?" Little did I know - that is the least of his offenses: the performance he put on was, in a word: INEXPLICABLE. Apparently R.Kelly has written a kind of R&B rock opera called Trapped in the Closet: a love triangle involving two men and a woman - I'm not sure: it may have been a love rectangle (love rhombus?) involving THREE men and a woman, but I really couldn't figure it out. R.Kelly Plays all the parts simultaneously in this bizarro display which I likened to a Gay R&B Quadrophenia. Dirty Dave tells me R.Kelly is very popular these days. I thought he was kidding. He was not.

I was left sitting in awe - mouth agape, simply FLUMMOXED! Did MTV know that he was going to do this? Had they seen this before? Does ANYONE like this? WHAT IS IT? Wow... R.Kelly Had me on serious TILT, mostly because I simply CANNOT be this far out of touch with what is cool. Yikes.

dazed and confused,

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