Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Finger Sweep, Dentyne Ice, ATM

The Vegas 2006 December to Remember trip report is imminent - some highlights to whet your appetite:
-meeting BG and Maigrey in Newark airport by accident as we tried to get on an earlier flight after our flight was delayed for several hours, and managing to figure out who they were (I used my powers of deduction after they said they were staying at the IP and I continued to ask leading questions, as I know that no sane people from New York would stay at the IP unless they were meeting the blogger crew). Unfortunately, I didn't hang with any of the rest of the bloggers all weekend.
-Dominating the Venetian Friday night tourney with Big Show and the WickedChops boys - I finished 21st, Snake pulled 15th, Big Show bubbled at 11th, and Chops chopped it up with third place!
-Proving that you can get 14 people (including 11 dudes!) into Tryst on a Saturday night with nothing more than a reserved table and 2 bottle minimum (note: SEVERE persistance required).
-Bumping into a wasted Phil Gordon at 2am at Tryst, but being too drunk myself to have the presence of mind to circle him.
-Implementing the Martingale System at the Wynn Pai Gow tables... and Big Show having to win an $1100 bet to break even (PaiGOW!)
-note to self: do NOT joke about shuffle tracking a the Wynn $100 double deck blackjack tables.
-stacking the same dipshit FOUR times in one session at the Mirage 2-5NL game. He happens to be the same guy who asked the dealer to rabbit hunt the flop on a monster hand the prior day where I layed down QQ vs. KK preflop. The dealer mock-flopped: Q high... I didn't flinch, but got revenge by stacking him 4 times when we played again the next day.
-Aces holding up!
-another VIP dinner at SW steakhouse, and stories that almost made me throw up at the table because I was laughing so hard.
Today, as I related poker hand details to Dirty Dave over IM, he got geared up.
"I'm so psyched to play some NL tonight. I just got the text from the club manager: Game is ON tonight."
"You get the heads up when Chester James shows up?" I was jealous.
"Yeah... wait... I have my girl's Holiday Party tonight... POPOZAU!" He was tilted by the realization.
"Marty up!" I urged him - figuring the Martingale System can solve any problem.
"Double my alcohol intake continuously until I get sent home?" Dirty Dave came up with the solution right away! Marty indeed!
"Awesome! Boot --> Escape --> Rally" I countered.
Now, Dirty Dave is the King because he came back with the perfect plan, succinct and inimitable:
"Finger Sweep, Dentyne Ice, ATM." Either you get it or you don't.
I still can't stop laughing.
until next time,

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Ex Pro said...

I love Vegas. I was out there for a few weeks about a month ago and think I will be going again soon. As for the rabbit hunting, there really should be a rule against that everywhere. I know there is some places, but it takes extra time and slows down the game. Not to mention you don’t want to see the Q on the flop. Then again you don’t know what the turn and river were. You could have gone broke on the river.

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