Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Kid Dynamite Plays Poker!

Many posts ago, this blog was started as a POKER BLOG! Lately, I've played so little, it's morphed into a little soapbox for me to rant about all things Fergalicious. Tonight, however, I played poker again! In a big way.
Let me keep this short and sweet: you know a poker game is huge when you walk up to the table of a 5-5NL game which you know to have a $750 max buy in, and see so many chips on the table that you have to confirm their denominations... "Blacks are $100, greens are $25 right?" I ask, feeling like an idiot, but wondering how there can possibly be almost $30k on the table.
"Yes," I get the reply, and eager stares from the sharks eager to take the money of the guy who doesn't know the chip values. Fortunately, I know most of these players, and despite (or because of) their six sigma play (open raise to $50, or $75, reraise to $200, which can be cold-called 3 times. Most hands are straddled or double straddled, so it's basically a 5-5-10 NL game), I manage to book a nice win in 3 hours, playing very few hands.
until next time,


But they were soooted! said...

Where? Foxwoods? Underground room?

Kid Dynamite said...

regular private game