Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Odd Lots

I can't believe I hammered out this quality post including a) my dog, and b) porn, featuring the O-Ring Blowout, and no one seems to care. What's the matter with you people?!?! No one had a comment on this subject?
Chops called me a poker blogger today. At least he did it in a post about porn. As Vortex constantly reminds me, I stopped writing about poker long ago - which is probably a good thing. However, Jay Greenspan did send me this stellar video today. Check it out - quality stuff.
And speaking of poker, Soxlover proved he can still talk trash, as he taunted some online cockchugger with barbs I appreciated so much I'll repost them here:
devinr12: dude i am a professional poker player
devinr12: i play 5-10NL
SoxLover: that is sad
SoxLover: you totally dropped out of college didn't you?
devinr12: actually yeah
SoxLover: lol. wow
SoxLover: i feel like i should dump to you, your life is going to suck so bad
until next time,


Blonde said...
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Twin C said...

I learned quite a bit from watching that video! Maybe now I'll actually leave your apartment up instead of down, next time you host. Which will be. . . ???

Nick said...

You don't have tits and you're not Todd from KY or WaiterRant and you STILL expect people to comment on your blog posts? What world are YOU living in?