Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ad Wizards

So if I were to give you the following phrases,
Sausage Sensation
Big Sausage Pizza
and ask you:
"Which is a) a late night movie on Skinimax, and which is b) a new offering from Papa John?" What would you say?
If you guessed a) for Sausage Sensation you're shit out of luck - Sausage Sensation is the new pizza from Papa John's! Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?!?!?
Interestingly enough, Big Sausage Pizza is a porno on the Spice PPV channel, NOT a Papa John's menu item. So confusing. Alas, I have not yet had the pleasure of screening it.
In other ass-tastic news, Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok have upped the ante for their most recent Prop Bet - an ongoing series on Chops's RawVegas.TV.
The latest wager is a last longer bet for the $10k L.A. Poker Classic main event: whomever is eliminated first has to get the other person's initials tattooed on their ass. Talk about bad beats and backdoor draws...
Kid Dynamite and BigShow hit Vegas again Wednesday night - an unadulterated assault of poker, blackjack, PaiGow and beats that will hopefully produce some blogworthy material.
Until next time,


elizabeth said...

ah, yet more proof of the intrinsic connection between sex and food. marketing genius, really. i dare you to order that pizza and not feel gay.

how did nobody tell me before that there is video footage of gavin on a mechanical bull? too funny.

Blonde said...

Wish I had known you, Al Can't Hang and the boys were all headed to Vegas on Wednesday :(.

I am headed to Clearwater, FL for Spring Training and some Sausage Sensation of my own.

Travel safe and stay away from the hooker bar at Rio. If you don't, tell Abraham Lincoln the Blonde says hi.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Vegas update??? I'm waiting to hear about all the sigma games!