Sunday, February 18, 2007

Live from Vegas

Big Show called me from Vegas with an important question:
"All blackjacks at O'Shea's pay 6-5 - not just the single deck game. How do I neutralize that edge?"
"Easy," I explained, "Increase your wager!" Marty UP baby!
I'm not in Vegas with the crew, but Big Show is keeping me up on the Brooke Hogan sightings, and the trials and tribulations of partying at Tryst with Dwayne Wade.
At the gym yesterday, I decided to hit the treadmill. I'm still recovering from my busted knee, so I haven't really run much, but I got there just in time to tune in to the climactic fight between Rocky and Apollo at the end of Rocky II. Talk about motivation. You probably forget how great these scenes were - although Rocky II was a slow, boring movie in general, the final fight is one of the all time great adrenaline scenes of all time. And the subtle comedy:
Rocky, waiting in the ring with Mick, as Apollo makes his entrance: "It's Apollo."
Micky: "Who'd ya expect?"
Rocky: "I was hoping he wouldn't show." Great stuff.
By the time Rocky told Micky "I ain't goin' down no more," I was hauling ass on the treadmill. As Rocky pulled himself to his feet for the victory, and gave his classic "Except for my son being born, this is the greatest night in the history of my life.... Yo Adrian.. I DID IT," speech, I was cranking at a heart rate of 180. I had further motivation as Rocky III was on immediately afterwards, but I was in no shape to continue.
Earlier in the week, Dirty Dave and I had a deeply analytical discussion on IM. Although neither of us are Investment Bankers, we are both close enough to it (he's a salesman, I'm a trader) to recognize value when we see it:
KidDynamite (7:53:00 AM): talks of MGM being a possible bidder forHET... how would that be allowed? they are basically the only two bigboys left!!! antitrust wouldn't work right?
DirtyDave (7:54:25 AM): Cannot see that happening at all.
KidDynamite (7:54:31 AM): no way
KidDynamite (7:54:36 AM): WHOLE strip! (minus o'sheas!)
DirtyDave (7:54:39 AM): Isn;t PE for HET facing enough regulatory scrutiny?
KidDynamite (7:54:55 AM): it will get done with the PE
KidDynamite (7:55:09 AM): they may have to sell the IP back to the market though! get your bid ready!
KidDynamite (7:55:19 AM): Capitano is your inside man! and i have Frank !
DirtyDave (7:55:24 AM): lol
DirtyDave (7:55:38 AM): I got the briefcase of cash ready
DirtyDave(7:56:02 AM): Gonna spin off the buffet and unlock full value
KidDynamite (7:56:12 AM): spin out the dry-erase board sports book!
DirtyDave(7:56:16 AM): yes!
KidDynamite (7:56:21 AM): spin out the Dealertainers!
KidDynamite (7:56:25 AM): and the on-floor security!
KidDynamite (7:56:36 AM): and the Geisha bar!!! there is SO MUCH VALUE!
DirtyDave (7:56:59 AM): Sum up those parts and you basically are getting the Auto Museum for free!!
KidDynamite (7:57:06 AM): !!!! lolol
DirtyDave (7:57:37 AM): Sick idea
KidDynamite (7:57:50 AM): i'll make a powerpoint presentation, you work on the IRR Excel sheet
Yes. This is my life. Reduced to making jokes about Private Equity taking over the Imperial Palace and spinning out the pieces to unlock the value. If only.
until next time.

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