Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So I fucked up, but I raked a huge pot... here's what went down.
2-5NL, $485 effective stacks. I've been at the table for 20 minutes, and haven't really played a hand.
After 2 limpers, I make it $40 to go from the cutoff with A-K. Lou cold calls me on the button, and both limpers call.
Flop: K-4-2, with two spades. I have the ace of spades.
I'm somewhat confused when the second limper (I'll call him Jerry) bets $350, to which the dealer responds "Raise." I'm thinking "that's a bet you fuckin' idiot - not a raise," and trying to figure out how to react to this massive overbet. Jerry is left with about $100 behind, basically the same stack size as me.
I decide there is no way he's open overbetting like this with a set - the only hand that makes any sense that beats me is 2-4. After 45 seconds, I move all in. Now Lou shakes his head and says "Now I'm priced in." He pushes all in for $550.
It's at this point that I realize Eric is still in the hand - and had bet out $150 to start this action! I turn to Lou, who I know, and mutter "I didn't realize he was in the hand!"
"Don't worry - he's mucking," Lou whispers.
"Lou, you don't get it - I thought I was reacting to a $350 open overbet - not a bet and a raise!" I whisper.
Lou laughs, and Eric, across the table, CALLS! He has me and Lou covered.
The turn is a red nine, and the river is an ace. Lou and Eric both have 2-4 for flopped bottom two pair, and Jerry had the flush draw that never got there. River suckout! SHIP IT!
Only Jerry seemed to understand the irony of the situation, in that I somehow completely missed Eric's opening bet. The other doucheballs at the table were like "yeah - top pair top kicker - you're committed."
I played one other hand of note - where TVEAK (TV educated Asian Kid) limps, I make it $40 with KK, Jerry calls, and TVEAK calls.
TVEAK bets out $60 on the flop of A-A-3 with two spades (I have the king of spades). I've played enough live NYC poker to know that it's about a 4 sigma event for the average player to bet out trip aces in this spot. I call. Jerry folds. The turn is the nine of spades. TVEAK checks his hole cards and bets $100 - leaving himself $225 behind.
I briefly consider raising, but realize he's not folding a better hand, and if I'm ahead, he's probably dead to one out. I call.
The river is a non-spade jack, and he again bets $100.
I throw my $100 call in, acknowledging "If you have an ace, you played it really well."
He tables eights and is SHOCKED when I turn over KK.
"How can you call me down with that?"
Well, because I'm a pro, and you're a donkey. That's how.
Pass the Sugar!
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