Monday, May 14, 2007

Home Again

Yesterday the Vortex and I made our triumphant return to the large scale NYC live poker scene. Using my 7 year old original Acepoint 3-6 limit connections, we gained entry to a new berry patch, and were tearing up a 2-5NL game before 4pm.
There was one guy at the table who thought he was the Captain, sitting directly to the Vortex's right, who was sitting directly to my right. Poor doucheball had never even realized he had the two toughest players in the room to his immediate left, even after I checkraised him off the best hand from out of position, and the Vortex made him lay down time after time. We let him steal the $20 pots, and raised/reraised him in the larger ones.
In one pot, after 5 limpers, I made it $40 on the button with AQ, aka, the NUTS. The small blind INSTA-called me, and set off a wave of callers - everyone came along for the ride.
On the K-J-5 flop, they checked to me in slow succession. I took a free card, which was a blank - and the aggro guy bet out $75. I mucked, and the SB called. They both checked when a queen came on the river, and I was surprised to see the SB show down J-9 for the winner. Now, I'd been playing tight aggressive, and casually asked him a hand later "If I bet the flop, do you call?" His answer summed it all up:
"Well, if YOU bet the flop, I might call, because YOU were the preflop raiser."
"Sure. Seems reasonable." I looked at the Vortex with raised eyebrows, and I swear I caught him drooling. "You'll come home, home again" I hummed, the classic God Street Wine tune, as I shuffled my chips and daydreamed about my soon to be winnings.
"I once was lost, but now I'm found," Vortex preached - as we both realized we'd found a new poker home.


Slim said...

Don't forget the finder's fee.

Brian said...

I don't get how a J-9 wins vs. an A-Q when there's K-J-5-blank-Q on the table... was the blank a 9??

You did say J-9 winner right?

Brian said...

My bad... I see you mucked now, I must have missed that. oops.