Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer of Love

Mrs. Dynamite and I have returned from our first of FIVE summer weddings. This past weekend we went to Napa, for a long weekend of wine tasting and a black tie wedding, and the first time that we were both away from Oscar, who survived nonetheless under the exceptional care of our dog walker who came and stayed in our apartment with the O-dog.
On the wine tasting front, Vincent Arroyo was again the clear standout - with unmatched hospitality and quality. Go there if you visit Napa - you will not regret it.
Oscar got his haircut yesterday: shaved To the FELT! The Vortex and Big Show immediately both replied "Groomer must have had AQ!"
So the Kid Dynamite summer schedule is:
Wedding in Napa (Complete)
Wedding in NJ
Bachelor Party in Vegas
week off
Wedding in Tuscany, Italy (week long trip)
Wedding in New Jersey
Wedding in the Berkshires
Hopefully I'll have something interesting to report somewhere along the way...

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