Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympics Moment of The Day

Before tonight's Women's Hockey gold medal game - the much anticipated showdown between the US and Canada - MSNBC was reporting live from the Molson Beer Garden.  They showed us the buffet, and then a number of tables full of raucous Canadian fans.   The reporter went up to a table of four - two couples - and urged them, "Are you guys excited about tonight's GAAAAAME?"

"YEAHHHHH!!!" the girls squealed, as their boyfriends/husbands shrugged somewhat indifferently

"What are you most excited about?" The reporter inquired, perhaps expecting some sort of response about the wide open play in the Women's game due to the illegality of body checks.

"LUONGO IS PLAYING!"  One of the girls screamed, referring to Canada's MEN'S goalkeeper, and Vancouver star, Roberto Luongo, who most certainly was not playing in this Women's gold medal game.

"That's tomorrow night, babe,"  Her boyfriend muttered quietly, but loud enough for the camera to pick up.

The announcer quickly ended the interview and moved on to another table.



getyourselfconnected said...

Hey KD,
how did you make out in the big wind/snow storm? I am in nortehrn Massachusetts near the NH border and the wind storm broke so many trees I just got power back this evening after being out since Thursday. Hard to find a hotle that allows dogs these days. I hope all is well for you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Actually, for those of us with the Canadian feed, the moment of the day came after the game when the camera panned up at the row of players on the mens team. They looked very incongruous wearing such long and doleful faces, surrounded by delirious cheering fans. Like, no pressure, guys!