Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vanity License Plates

Vanity plates are huge here in New Hampshire.   Today my wife and I were driving back from picking up our new laundry room cabinets at Lowes (big day! although we didn't go to Bed Bath & Beyond), when we saw the plate: "BFYMAN" in front of us.

"biffyman?"  I asked out loud, then continued, "maybe Boyfriend Yes Man?"
"Maybe his name is Brian Fyman," Mrs Dynamite replied, which for some reason made me laugh absolutely hysterically.  Maybe he's a beefy man?  Chunky?  Driving past him later, that didn't appear to be the case.

Before getting my Subaru Forester, I debated a vanity plate.  Dirty Dave suggested JMZRSKY, in homage to Alpha Dog's Jake Mazursky character, masterfully played by Ben Foster.  Other quality suggestions included EVHOUND and 2THFELT.  In the end, though, I went with a simple moose plate - which costs extra - about the same as a vanity plate, but is a state issued number with a moose logo on it, and the money goes to the  conservation fund.

I'll try to keep a log of the good and bad plates I've seen so far ("GLD" on a Saab), but there is a clear winner to date:  MOOSNKL on a Jeep 4x4.



Anonymous said...

I may speak his language. I once considered:


getyourselfconnected said...

yeah those NH vanity plates can be annoying, especially when you cannot figure them out. Great Alpha Dog reference, great film.

Bayne_S said...

My old company Mahi Networks was a startup that was going to be HUGE. Founded in 1999 when telecom startups were printing money.

The would reimburse for getting a Vanity Plate that included "MAHI" in it. I was late to the game as I did not fully drink the Koolaid and was 30th employee to get plate.


Now 5 years after the doors closed I am the only one that still has the plate.

They still haven't reimbursed

scharfy said...

Interest brief essay by 1986 Nobel Prize winner.

Relevant to many discussions on this site.

James M. Buchanan
Economists Have No Clothes

James said...

why not go for DYNKWTFIA ??? thought that would be an instant win

Kid Dynamite said...

7 character max! otherwise DYKWTFIA was automatic

Anonymous said...

for the mentally challenged, could you explain the moosnkl meaning?

thanks a bunch :-)

Kid Dynamite said...

moose knuckle

James said...

gutted... how about DYKWFIA as 'the' is technically redundant in acronyms...


Kid Dynamite said...

i kinda like AIYAHHH... good idea!

Kid Dynamite said...

or maybe BAJUNGI

James said...

either or... BAJUNGI is amazing though... could you get TILT for the Mrs. ride as well then you've always got BAJUNGI TILT!!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in NH and I know a guy who went from high school chess champion and International Master (every few years he would absolutely crush me in a tournament game) to dropout to famous spammer. When AOL sued him he had to give up a gold H2 with the vanity plate CASHOLA. He then became a poker pro and got a new SUV with the vanity plate ACESUP. To me he is the quintessence of everything that makes New Hampshire a great state. When I want to explain to people where I come from I often use his story.