Thursday, February 25, 2010

R.I.P. Mosi Tatupu

1980's Patriot's special team force and power running back Mosi Tatupu has passed away.

From the NYT obit:

"A bruising 227-pound running back, Tatupu rushed for 2,415 yards and 18 touchdowns, including a career best 578 yards in 1983. He thrived on snowy and icy fields, running for 128 yards on a snow-covered field in a win over New Orleans that season.

Tatupu was beloved by Patriots fans for his spirited play on kickoff and punt teams and even had his own cheering section known as Mosi’s Mooses. He was selected to the 1986 Pro Bowl as a special-teams player."

I loved Tatupu - and spent the last 5 years or so fruitlessly searching for a vintage jersey of his, which was impossible to find.   I remember watching games with my dad and "Uncle" Jay when I was a mere 10 years old in the mid-80's - they'd christened Mosi as "Moishe,"  and told me he was Jewish, perhaps in an attempt to inspire me to become the next great Jewish special teams force.  I ended up specializing in soccer instead, but will always remember Mosi "Moishe" Tatupu



Joe said...

A fraternity brother of mine from Boston used to tell anyone who would listen that the reason for Tatupu's success was the width of his feet which, according to Frat Bro, allowed him to get a better grip on the frozen turf at Foxboro.

So message for NFL GMs is skip the Wonderlic and measure foot width.

scharfy said...

The slowin' Samoan is gone. So sad.

They haven't released a cause yet. He was only 54? wow.