Monday, July 30, 2007


What? You haven't seen the Philippine Prison Thriller video?

get on it right now.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Charles In Charge Of Our Days, And Our Nights

Scott Baio has a reality show on VH1. I know - if I told you 10 years ago that Hulk Hogan, Tom Sizemore, Flava Flav and Scott Baio would each have their own reality show - you'd have laid me 1500-1 on the parlay. I only caught 10 minutes of "Scott Baio is 45 and Single," but as far as I can tell, the premise of the show is that Baio has had trouble maintaining relationships, but is now with a girl he likes. He's taken an 8 week vow of celibacy, which his friends are trying to sabotage by using Baio's Charles In Charge fame to attract chicks, and also catch his residual chick-runoff. Multi Sigma for sure.
Today at our therapy dog trip, we had to take a time out between rooms when Oscar popped wood in the hallway. I guess he was excited about his new haircut, or that it was dinner time in the hospital. He recovered nicely, and had some great visits.

Summer of Love

Mrs. Dynamite and I have returned from our first of FIVE summer weddings. This past weekend we went to Napa, for a long weekend of wine tasting and a black tie wedding, and the first time that we were both away from Oscar, who survived nonetheless under the exceptional care of our dog walker who came and stayed in our apartment with the O-dog.
On the wine tasting front, Vincent Arroyo was again the clear standout - with unmatched hospitality and quality. Go there if you visit Napa - you will not regret it.
Oscar got his haircut yesterday: shaved To the FELT! The Vortex and Big Show immediately both replied "Groomer must have had AQ!"
So the Kid Dynamite summer schedule is:
Wedding in Napa (Complete)
Wedding in NJ
Bachelor Party in Vegas
week off
Wedding in Tuscany, Italy (week long trip)
Wedding in New Jersey
Wedding in the Berkshires
Hopefully I'll have something interesting to report somewhere along the way...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Advance Move

Forecast: Heavy drinking
That was my prognostication, which of course turned out to be correct, before last night's String Cheese Incident show at the Beacon - a Saturday night fiesta to close a four night tour from one of the most talented jam bands around. The show was intense, but I was surprised to learn an advanced concert move, never before seen by me, from one of the myriad happy go lucky jammy hippies at the show:
At the set break, the crowd poured out into the packed concourse of the Beacon Theatre, as sweaty under-the-influence hippies tried to make their way to the bathroom or the bar. I was standing at the corner of the bar, neat the door to the theatre floor, when Johnny Superfan, a chunky kid of about 25 years old with a curly afro, sunglasses, and a cape, emerged from the seating area. He surveyed the scene, then quickly made an exaggerated swallowing motion, gagged, and put his hands over his mouth, clearly about to puke.
The sardine-packed crowd parted like the red sea, in an effort to avoid the impending chow shower, as Johnny Superfan expertly took three quick staggering steps, then, like Kaiser Soze at the end of Usual Suspects, fell into a normal gait, and removed his hand from in front of his mouth.
"Holy crap! That was a SERIOUSLY advanced move!" I was in awe, exclaiming to Scott. "the FAKE puke to get through the throng of people!" Incredible - not even Dirty Dave had that one in his playbook.
In non-fake-puke-angle-shooter news, we have been going to the hospital with Oscar once a week for therapy dog visits. Last week we met a crazy non-stop talking old man, who made us laugh as he blabbered and pointed to his roommate, "Me, I'm 79 - that guy over there - he's 83. HE'S got problems." He went on a rambling monologue that was a cross between George Carlin and Rodney Dangerfield - but was happy to see the O-dog.
Hopefully, you've been tuning in to Pauly's TaoOfPoker and WickedChops for all the WSOP news - Phil Hellmuth is clearly a favorite to win Douchebag of the Year again.