Monday, February 20, 2006

Hit List

William Rockwell is mad at me. That's just not right. He left me a couple of angry comments in regard to an old ESPN WSOP recap I wrote, so I went back to see why he was so pissed off.

I made a comment about William Rockwell being an advertising pawn for Golden Palace Casino, as he had their logo plastered on his foot amongst other places, and wondered if he'd ever played poker before. William responded (sic):

This is William Rockwell I am a 14 year vetran of poker I have Played so many tournaments I can not even count them please don't write things you have no clue about contact info for myself is at P.S. I will play you anytime bud!

So, I admit that I had no clue he was an experienced player, and wish William Rockwell all the best in his poker and other endeavors - I think it's remarkable that he's been able to overcome his physical handicap. I do think it's unfortunate that he chose Golden Palace Casino as his sponsor, as I think someone with his story could have probably been backed by a more "legit" sponsor that would have attracted more attention to his foundation. That said, I'd also be happy to take up his challenge - hopefully Golden Palace Casino will sponsor the heads up deathmatch.

In other news, my puppy, Oscar, is a beast. My mom came to visit this weekend, and while we went to walk around SoHo on Saturday, Mrs. Dynamite gladly took up my challenge to teach Oscar a new trick: "Lie Down." She happily called my cell phone after 25 minutes to gloat that he'd mastered "Lie Down" quickly. "Good," I replied, "now teach him Don't Eat Poo."

On Sunday, Mrs. Dynamite and my mom ran to the store to grab some ingredients for dinner, and challenged me to teach Oscar a trick in 1/2 an hour. We sucked it up, and my boy learned "Shake," like a champ. He even forgot "Lie Down," to boot, so Mrs. Dynamite and I are even now (she masterfully taught him "Sit.")

Here's a picture of Oscar humping H0nus



Huge Junk said...

You should clearly never say anything, even remotely close to bad, about a retarded person.

They get angry easily.

And that's for being a dick in comments Bill. Because his comments were basically saying that the coverage ESPN had of you, as well as the sponsors using you instead of a non-handicapped person, was wrong. It would then make complete sense to wonder whether or not you even have experience playing poker, because that would make what ESPN and Golden Palace did even worse.

It turns out that you do know how to play poker, although one can never take a person's word at something like that. Just read the chat on any given table, on any given website, at any given limit, and you'll see people bragging about their D+ game as if they were Johnny fucking Chan. But congrats on overcoming the accident and working towards making a difference in the world.

If there were more people like you,

(Rest of sentence deleted by author for being funny as hell, but excessively mean)

Next time Bill, try:

To set the record straight I do play poker. GoldenPalace and I formed a partnership because _____. Just wanted to set the record straight. Here is my foundation address if you'd like more info.

Now would that have been so freaking hard?

Kid Dynamite said...

I knew there was a reason i loved Bobby Bracelet. Word up Bob. I'll need your support when the Golden Palace crew comes for my soul.