Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hostin' Ain't Easy

With most local live games scarce, the attendance for Satuday's Kid Dynamite Home Game was perfect, with a full table of eager combatants anxious to get some action. Unfortunately, I had a wicked bout of food poisoning friday night - the result of an ill-advised Korean Deli meatball parm - and was in horrible shape on Saturday.

When the Vortex arrived first on Saturday afternoon, I could barely make it up and down the stairs. Soxlover and his ringer buddy the Korean ATM followed soon after, and the game got roaring. Vortex put a rapid succession of beats on Soxlover, and quickly had him tilted. It turned out that the Korean ATM was only taking deposits on this day, and ended up crushing the game.

The immortal Boston road gambler Dirty Dave ignored the weather warnings and made the trip down from Boston to play, and took a key pot limit omaha pot off me: the first one we played.

I was in the SB with 6-6-8-5 rainbow, and we saw an 8 way unraised flop: 6-5-K with 2 hearts. I bet out the pot: $16, and only Dirty Dave (UTG) and the Vortex (cutoff) called.

The turn was an offsuit 4, and I fired $60. Dirty Dave thought for a solid 90 seconds before raising all-in. Vortex folded and it was back to me. Now I know Dirty Dave is weak tight. He knows I know this. What confuses me is, why would Dirty Dave be drawing to a straight on a two-flush board - that's not like him. Of course, it's Omaha, so maybe he has the straight WITH the flush draw. Essentially, at best (for me) he has a flush draw and I'm a nice favorite, while at worst he has a made straight and I'm a nice dog. I'm hoping I at least have full house outs, and am not up against a set of kings. I think for 3 solid minutes, and eventually muck my hand faceup. Dave shows me A-A-7-7 double suited, with the nut heart draw. Uggh.. he was in even worse shape than he thought, as a seven was no good for him: it would make me a straight. It turns out he had fold equity though! In retrospect, I shouldn't bet the turn unless I'm calling his raise - I should check-call the turn (or even check-raise). Fortunately, Dirty Dave left before doing any lasting damage to my bathroom. Had I known he was going to hit and run, I probably would have called.

Andrew made quads twice in one orbit of Omaha, once against SoxLover's higher set, spiking a one-outer against him on the river, and once against my nut flush when he rivered quad aces and check-raised me. I paid him off. Fuck!

My night ended in fine fashion when, playing 1-2 NL hold'em, I raised to $7 UTG with QhJh. Soxlover called, and Andrew raised to $20. Fred, who'd been down to the felt for a while, moved all-in for his last $28, and Korean ATM in the BB smooth called the $28! Now, for some reason I decided to move all-in here: $149 more than Fred's $28. Everyone folded to the Korean ATM, who called me quickly. Huh? what's going on here? Fred turned over Kings, Korean ATM had A-Q offsuit, and I was drawing slim. Two aces and two hearts on the flop gave me hope, but I couldn't spike my flush and was liquidated. The question is: what am I trying to accomplish? What's the point of my forcing the other players to fold? I have a hand that is likely to be second best at the time, and I still have to beat Fred, the all-in player. I guess I was thinking that the added dead money in the pot would adequately compensate me for the small disadvantage I expected to be at against Fred: I didn't give him credit for a real hand. When Korean ATM called me, I knew I was in trouble (I guess he hasn't been stacked enough with A-Q in that situation to know that he's in a tough spot most of the time).

Until next time,



SoxLover said...

Thanks for hosting the game man, especially in the state you were in.

Sorry for bringing Shortround.

SirFWALGMan said...

Sounds like Soxy got his ass handed to him. heh. Ya, wtf are you doing with QJ there? You want more people in the pot not less.. its a good multi-way drawing hand and you want people to give you odds to make the call on the flop, not to push them out like KK or AA would want to do..

Kid Dynamite said...

My QhJh play was assinine and I cannot defend it, other than to say that i was not in a good physical or mental state at the time!