Monday, February 06, 2006

Stupor Bowl

Congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers who put together an incredible late season and postseason run to become the Super Bowl XL Champions. Previously, the only team to win three games on the road to make it to the Super Bowl was the Steve Grogan led 1986 Patriots, who were promptly thrashed by the William "Refrigerator" Perry Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl.

The Steelers, on the other hand, won out the regular season, then beat 4 of the top 5 teams in the NFL (the other being the defending World Champion New England Patriots) away from their home confines of Heinz field to bring home the bacon. Don't look now, but Big Ben "Drink Like a Champion Today" Roethlisberger's stats are Brady-esque.

Highlight of the Super Bowl pregame: Bill Bellicheck simply explaining the Patriots "David vs. Goliath" game plan when they beat the Rams 5 years back: contain Marshall Faulk as follows: If Faulk lined up behind QB Kurt Warner, the Pats played run defense. If Faulk lined up anywhere else, they played pass defense. That's it. Ram's coach Mike Martz must have been watching this somewhere, and thrown up as Brilliant Bill diagrammed the simple recipe for Ram dismantlement.

In honor of the solid effort put forward by the BC Eagle's alum Matt Hassleback and the Seattle Seahawks, the number one 'Hawks fan Tubbo da King gets this shout out with a vintage photo of his dominance in the shotput back at M.I.T circa 1998.

In other news, Oscar my puppy seems to have learned "SIT" under the expert tutelage of Mrs. Dynamite. Now if we can only teach him "Don't eat poo" we'll be well on our way to happiness. I'd also like to give a shout out to Leeroux for hosting the Super Bowl party, and for making a 5-gallon Gatorade pitcher full of premium Patron margaritas. Oy. I felt that this morning.


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SoxLover said...

Just heard an ugly rumor that your club and another were taken out last night. Will post more if I can confirm.