Sunday, August 13, 2006


Me and the Big Show are off to Vegas Monday through Wednesday. There is a chance I'll be able to bump into Chops, if he's not too busy hobknobbing with the kings of poker.

If you're in Vegas this week, look for me in the usual spots:

-Behind a mountain of chips in a NL game at Wynn or Mirage
-Tilting dealers in the IP Champagne Pit double deck blackjack game
-Angling for a cabana comp at one of any number of pools
-getting stacked in the WPT All-In Hold'em table game at Harrah's
-Screaming "Pai GOW!" as I scoop a Pai Gow hand at the Mirage
-Screaming "Hassan HABBBBIIIIIIIIIB" as I spike a 3 outer in NLHE
-The only guy under 70 years old in an early morning Omaha8 6-12 game
-Rocking the deep penetration double deck bj game at the Frontier
-Fully Tilted, wandering inside of Caesar's trying to find the way out.

trip report to follow, of course.

until next time,

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jremotigue said...

Good luck to you, sir!