Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Democracy at its Worst

The headline is "Senate Fails to Meet as Rebels Seek Support." Oooh - what could we be talking about here? Rwanda? Pakistan? Darfur? Nope - it's the state of New York. If you're unaware of what's going on in the NY State Senate, basically there was a coup. Democrats controlled the Senate floor by a count of 32-30, but two Democrats crossed the line and voted with the Republicans in a coup to establish a new majority leader. Never mind the fact that both of the "defectors" are under investigation by authorities, one for a potential conflict of interest with grants to a business he owned, and the other "was indicted on felony assault charges in March stemming from an attack on his companion."

What did the Democrats do when they found out about the coup? They turned out the lights in the Senate chamber to try to prevent the vote. Nice. Great work New York. As my most loyal reader, Bones, pointed out "flicking the lights off and on didn't even work in Kindergarten." When that failed, they took another approach - locking the doors to the Senate chamber to prevent the Republicans from entering and voting.

New York is basically bankrupt, and our elected officials are spending their time staging and attempting to thwart political coups. Why does it even matter who is the majority leader of the Senate? First of all, the majority leader is in line for succession if something happens to the Governor. Secondly, I guess the majority party has more leverage over which items come up for vote - but if the two Democrats vote with the Republicans, don't the Republicans have a majority anyway - regardless of who is sitting in the "majority leader" seat? The article makes it sound like the majority leader can prevent items for coming up for vote - if that's the case, then the whole system is a f'n joke.

Shameful behavior by all involved.



Anonymous said...

Please note that it is a 'pub DA behind the current fiasco involving players accounts. You are unquestionably biased in your criticism with respect to Democrats and nowhere to be found with respect to critique of the elephants. Do you have faux news on an iv drip? It makes it impossible to take anything you write seriously.

Kid Dynamite said...

seriously, Anonymous Douchebags - if you don't like what i write, fuck off and don't read it - it's that simple.

if you read the post, you'll note the last line, which says "shameful behavior by all involved" - there is nothing partisan about it.

i cannot find any post on my site defending the behavior of the D.A. with respect to the poker seizures. stop trying to change the subject.

it's absolutely embarrassing that our Senate resorts to turning out the lights and locking the doors to try to get their way.

the party that did that happens to be Democrats - sorry for you - too bad. even still, i didn't single them out - i said it sucked by ALL involved.