Sunday, September 13, 2009


The NY Times ran an article this weekend about protesters rallying against big government, with this picture:

I saw the picture of Pelosi with the link between "Nazis" and "Astroturf" and I was immediately impressed by the wit of the protester, who was clearly referencing the classic Seinfeld episode where George and Jerry steal a limo by posing as "O'Brien" and "Murphy," not knowing that O'Brien is the head of the Aryan Union. When they figure out the situation, George calls 911 from the back of the limo, and is pleading his case to the operator, when the host returns to the limo. George quickly shifts gears, and utters the classic line:

"Astroturf? You know who's responsible for that, don't you?! The Jews! Ah, the Jews hate grass. They always have, they always will."

Sadly, I later realized that the sign was not paying homage to this legendary Seinfeld moment, but was a reference to Pelosi's soundbite downplaying a prior protest as not grassroots, but "astroturf." I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm not up on Pelosi's soundbites.



Daniel said...

I like the onion head with the "jesus is the messiah" poster. The evangelicals, never a letdown.

rakeback said...

Was that the episode where they get trapped in limo with Nazis on their way to a protest?

Kid Dynamite said...

@rakeback: yep - that's the one