Monday, April 24, 2006

The American Dream

Warning: NSFW: links are not suitable for work.

So this NEEDS to be addressed... The David Williams Story.

I first read about the David Williams Story on, but it seems that the story has been circulating for years throughout Williams' old circle: the Magic community. Basically the story is this: Williams needed cash, so he appeared in a porno in which he spends a significant chunk of time chomping on the poop chute of a washed up C-level porn star.

There is a blog, StarkNakedPoker, with all the details of the saga, including links to video clips.

Now I can't be sure this is actually David Williams - it certainly looks like him, but you can bet your hershey highway I'd use it to put DW on TILT if I ever sat with him... "Wow.. Bad beat.. that sucks ass... No offense David..." "Anyone want to order food? I'll have a tossed salad... Oops - Sorry David." The possibilities are endless.

But here's the bottom line: If it is indeed David Williams in that video - kudos to him. What's a better poker story than this:

Young aspiring poker star gets taken to the felt, broke, and has to raise a new playing stake. Instead of playing on someone else's money for a share of the profits, he pimps himself out in a low grade porno, eating the ass of some Skinimax reject from 1985. Young Star takes the porno profits and enters a satellite for the WSOP Main Event. Young Star wins the satellite, and parlays the entry into a 2nd place finish, $2MM + payday at the World Series of Poker. That's better than the Mikey McD story from Rounders. That's the American Dream: wake up broke, eat ass, parlay payment into millions. Boo Yah.

I mean seriously, who hasn't eaten a little ass on camera to raise a buy-in when they were down to the felt and the game was still good? I can't be the only one... Guys? Guys???

No shame David - just pop a piece of Dentyne before you talk to me.

(Disclaimer: KD has never tossed salad on camera)



snake said...

rim lickin' for a WSOP ME seat...

A) Kathy Liebert

B) JJ Lieu

C) Wendeen Eolis

D) Russell Salzer

E) None of the above

F) All of the above

HighOnPoker said...

"Yuck! Did someone fart at the table or did David Williams burp again?"

Kid Dynamite said...

oy vey snake - i've played with Wendeen in a club in NYC... no thanks...

here's another TILT-inducer: "wow - you really sucked out that one through the backdoor - oops - sorry David."


Alton Evil said...

"wow... talk about a brutal back door suckout huh Dave?"

ragecg said...

Thats my new sig for SURE!

"wake up broke, eat ass, parlay payment into millions. Boo Yah."

Anonymous said...

what would steve grogan do

Ride-My-Rocket said...

(Disclaimer: KD has never tossed salad on camera)

on camera being the operative words here...