Friday, April 14, 2006


I'm a big fan of Tasti-D-Lite - the low calorie, lactose free, mostly flavorless ice cream alternative - but their hazing has to stop. Every few months when I go into my local Tasti-D for an after dinner helping of bland, not-so-unhealthy desert substance, there is a new girl behind the counter with a tag on her shirt that reads: "TRAINEE."

Now, although I consider myself smarter than the average bear, and like Bobby Bracelet, I scorn the stupid, I have faith in the ability of the average NYC employee to effectively dispense a soft serve ice cream substitute into a cone or cup by pulling a lever on a machine. Where does the training come in? Hazing. That's all. The veteran Alpha-Tasti-D-Female in residence makes this pledge wear the TRAINEE badge to let her know: "Hey - you think you've got it all figured out, but I've been dispensing wafer cones since you were in diapers," even though the veteran has only been there 4 months. Always puts a smile on my face.

And while I'm ranting: lemme talk about this New Jersey smoking ban. New Jersey has banned smoking in indoor places: bars, restaurants, etc, following in the footsteps of New York, Massachusetts, and several other states. Great stuff - I applaud them - but there is one major problem: the ban doesn't apply on the floor of Atlantic City casinos!

What? Now in NYC, when bars complained that they would lose business to the smoking ban, they were full of shit: every bar and nightspot was on equal footing: unless smokers ceased going out entirely, which did not happen, business would go on. In New Jersey, however, even though casinos already have the most addictive product on the market: the allure of easy money, their lobbyists somehow convinced the legislature to give them a monopoly on the second most addictive product: nicotine. That is a big load of crap - and local NJ business have every right to be pissed.

That is all.

I'm going to get a haircut today - very exciting - and then I will make my Ali-like return to the felt for some live NL play.



Anonymous said...

Better luck today, don't hesitate to post details of your inevatable losses though...


Blonde said...

I live in NJ and pissed that the smoking ban doesn't apply to the casinos. Fucking A it is going to me even more smokier then ever.

Love the pic of you, the wife and Oscar. If you are ever in the market for Mrs. Dynamite #2, Im available ;).