Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Phil Fun

Thanks to Paul Phillips for providing this tidbit: Bill vs Phil. If you're having trouble getting the Quicktime video on the site to play, go to a computer where you can get it to work. It's worth it. Priceless. I give this clip to all of you as a present on my birthday. Yes - Wednesday, April 12th is the day: Kid Dynamite's 30th B'day. It's a big number, so allow me the shameless self promotion.

For my birthday wish, I can only hope that poker players all over the world will make 2006 the year of the Phil Hellmuth song, which they will sing whenever they stack an opponent... "You don't... wanna mess with Hellmuth - Why? 'Cause Hellmuth... will freakin' bust you." (sung in a douche-baggish Hellmuth sing-song voice)

A poster (The_Groove) on Paul's journal said is best: "If I had to devise a formula to create the prototypical jackass, the end result would be very close to Phil Hellmuth."


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Huge Junk said...


Another year older and another notch slower, fatter, and less skilled at allowing the actions of douchebags to roll off your shoulders.

I'll see you there in precisely 10 days.