Thursday, April 13, 2006


You know you're a pro when you can get railed in the backdoor and not even flinch. Wait - let me rephrase that, and add some details.

I played 4 hours of live 1-2NL today. The game was wild: loose action and huge pots. I bided my time, patiently mucking my trash hands and my missed flops, until, 90 minutes into the session, I played the pot I was waiting for against an action player. Two players limped, and the cutoff, Bobby, raised to $15. I called with 4-4 in the small blind, and $600 in my stack (Bobby had me covered). Two other came along.

flop: 2-4-Q rainbow. I bet out $40, and a limper called, as did Bobby.

The turn brought a jack, and Bobby flinched visibly. I bet $100, and with little hesitation, he raised it to $300. I counted down my chips: I had $460 left, which I pushed in. He called the last $160, and Eddie dealt the river:

Queen. I tabled my 4-4, and Bobby showed Q-J. Aiyahh! Railed in the backdoor for a $1300 pot - and I took it like a man. Right in the poop chute. "Chips."

Unfortunately, the rest of the session didn't get any better. I got stacked with AJ suited in diamonds after this action: I raise UTG to $10, and get 5 callers. Larry in the SB bumps it to $20 - a strange move: he's kinda on tilt, but he doesn't make this move without a hand he wants to play a big pot with. The BB calls in between us, and I debate a raise, but settle on a call. Everyone comes along. We see the flop:

2-3-Q with two diamonds. Larry checks, the BB bets out $55, and I raise to $255. It's folded to Sal who moves all-in - he clearly has a set, and I call my remaining $150 to see his set of threes. The turn brings an ace, and the river is the 7 of clubs: I'm left digging into my pocket again.

Sal took another few hundred from me when he flopped a set of sixes vs. my QJ on a A-J-6 board, and called my $25 bet.. The turn brought a jack - the only card in the deck that would get me to put more money in, as it was clear I was previously behind. I checkraised his $50 bet to $200, and he came over the top all-in, but prematurely turned his cards over! I mucked, saving my last $160 - which I lost a few hands later when my TT ran into Will's QQ.

Net for the session: -$1400. Ouch. One of my worst ever.

random thought: Have you seen Jeremy Piven's travel show? Lemme put it this way: I don't want to watch Jeremy Piven travel to India unless he's doing it in character as Ari the Agent from Entourage. 'Nuff Said.

until next time,


Huge Junk said...

Have a pitboss tell you you're in for $3,000 at a blackjack table when you think you're drunk and think you're only in for about $800 and get back to me.

Brutal session. Variance would state that you should have a night to make up for it, but that bitch is unforgiving. You'll have to take that bitch, and despite the fact that she'll be saying no, bend her over the table and take it.

You'll get it back.

sellthekids said...

does your club offer insurance? if so, do you use it?

just trying to get an idea on insurance. most players at our club do take the insurance. i usually don't, up until having a two-outer on the river rip me for a $2K+ i lean towards taking it.

how's Oscar?

gl in future games!

Kid Dynamite said...

The club does not offer insurance. As you could probably guess from reading my ridicule of Hellmuth's insurance request(go read it - i feel like you haven't, i would not take insurance. In fact, I'd be happy to offer it.

how much does your club charge for insurance?

oscar is doing well - thanks.