Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Are You Ready for Some Futbol?

World Cup Fever is here. Walking home today, I saw people gathered outside a local cafe, 2 deep into the street. Hmmm - I wonder what they're filming in there that's attracting such a crowd - then I realized it was just spectators for the Brazil-Croatia game. Kaka scored the game winner, earning the "Best Name of a Goal Scorer Thus Far" award. This morning, the small island nation of Togo (which I could not find on a map if you offered me $50 million), earned the "Best Celebration After a Goal" award by doing something that looked like a cross between a cowboy jerking a horse's reigns, a begging puppy, and a hopping bunny. Good stuff.

I've had a recurring dream for the past 10 years or so that I have a big final coming up for which I'm completely unprepared. In my college days, this dream caused serious angst, and as the years went by, the panic slowly subsided, replaced by a sort of "hah- it was just a dream" relief. I had the dream again last night, but didn't even remember it until I walked down into the subway this morning. I also have a recurring dream that I'm playing big bet poker and my cards change on the river. In the wild game I played in last week, this actually happened to one of the players - on the river, his opponent announced "straight," and he claimed "flush" as he turned his cards over to scoop a $2,000 pot. The only problem was he didn't have a flush - he'd misread his hand. Oops.

Today Oscar and I went to the "Small Dog Run" at Washington Square Park. In this little area for dogs smaller than 25lbs, Oscar is one of the bigger dogs there, and seems to enjoy himself more. He did something new today: he tried to pee on a girl wearing a sundress. She was paying attention, and dodged it, but 3 minutes later he tried to pee on another woman! Whoa boy - easy! After luring everyone into a false sense of pee-free security 25 minutes later, Oscar returned to his first target, who was staring off into space, and unleashed a stream right on both of her ankles. I watched in horror/amusement from across the run, and my wide eyes darted to hers: she didn't notice! After a few seconds, it hit her, and she looked down, mouth agape, as my hand flew to my mouth to surpress my laughter. I apologized, but wasn't about to offer her my t-shirt to wipe off Oscar's assault. Oscar is clearly staking his claim to everything within this dog run.

On the way home we met a woman with a tiny black Chihuahua. "This is Lil' Negger," she introduced him. Whaaatttttt? I looked at Mrs. Dynamite. Mrs. Dynamite looked at me. L-I-L N-E-G-G-E-R? She mouthed to me, confirming. I shrugged. In New York City you really can't be surprised by anything anymore.

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Blonde said...

I am so in love with your dog. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

World Cup is interfering with my sex life. Screw the world cup if you ask me!