Monday, June 19, 2006

Dog Whisperer

So do you want to know how friggin' awesome Oscar is? First of all, on Mother's Day, I took him for a walk early in the morning, and on the way he stopped to pick up a flower, stem and all, that was lying on the ground. He carried it home for Mrs. Dynamite! UN-REAL! He never carries stuff that he finds on the street, but he clearly is a genius. Then, after he chewed up my headphones a month ago, Mrs. Dynamite asked him "Oscar, what are you going to get {Kid Dynamite} for Father's Day?" (Nevermind that we call me "dad" and her "mom" - you KNOW he's our baby!). Oscar runs over to the night table where my headphones are, and picks them up! We'll get him new headphones! S-T-U-D. That's my boy.
He also peed on a guy's leg at my mom's retirement party this weekend. Alpha-dog cannot be denied.

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Huge Junk said...

My buddy had a dog that was half retard and when you ran down the steps to the basement she would cruise after you and run into the wall at the bottom. Every. Damn. Time.

It was priceless.

Where as everybody in the world likes to pretend that their dog/child/self is the most interesting dog/child/self in the world, I must say that your dog does seem to be quite the badass.