Tuesday, June 20, 2006


"I'll put the fuckin' straddle on you pussy" - Mike "The Mouth" Matusow on High Stakes Poker.

"There are no asterisks in this life, only scoreboards, and ours is currently reading: FUCKED." Ari the Agent on Entourage.

Play of the Week: Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari, after getting all-in preflop with AA vs Sammy fairways A-9, watches the board come K-J-x-Q-T for a split pot. Instead of getting mad that this is at least the third time he hasn't won with aces in this game (at least he didn't get stacked this time), Antonio goes over to the two hired blondes at the bar to show them his chip tricks. He does the brilliant "rising chip" move, and the best part is the reaction of the girls: the one he's chasing hardest has the "oooohh, you are such a stud," face, while the other has the "Rocks'n'Rings are such a bunch of fuckin' tools, I can't believe you think girls like that crap," face. Antonio has the "I can't win with aces, but I can get laid at will with my magic skills and international exotic looks" face. After all, he can, and I quote directly from his website: "Mesmerize the gals with his gaze." No bullshit. I did not make that up.

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Huge Junk said...

That fucker is stealing all of my Level 12 pickup lines. Of course, I can't do magic, which makes it all the better when I say I can and then bust out the "Look at my thumb being pulled in half" move!