Thursday, November 24, 2005

Pass the Sugar!

Last night's Thanksgiving Eve Kid Dynamite homegame brought out the best of the old school and the new school.
AltonEvil made his Ali-like return to the ring, and with Vortex and Ranxx joining the fun, the Fish Factor was noticeably low. Regulars H0nus and Mergie were there as always, and SoxLover made his KD Homegame debut, earning himself a link on the KD blogroll. It's always a little awkward inviting someone you only know from the internet to your homegame: I don't know if SoxLover is some psycho, and he's worried that I'm going to lock him in the closet and man-rape him like Zed from Pulp Fiction. When SoxLover came to my door, we both had an "Oh, it's you" moment - as we know each other from Playstation.
SoxLover quickly welcomed himself to the table by dropping the hammer on H0nus, who the repeatedly tried to "pay it forward" by dropping the hammer on others, to no avail.
I put an ESPN made-for-tv-beat on the Vortex when I raised from UTG with A-Q suited. He came over the top for a pot sized re-raise, and I, knowing that the Vortex likes to push me around, re-potted it. Vortex had K-K, and came over the top for a small re-raise which I called with a headshake. After a Q-7-7 flop, I screamed "PASS THE SUGAR," which happened to work this time... Turn: 7. River... wait for it.... SEVEN! Yeah baby - I made quad sevens, ace kicker to counterfeit Vortex's kings. Good times.
Ranxx arrived late, and further tilted me by breaking out his jumbo index Kem cards that look like Draw Two cards. Aiyahh!
Mergie demolished a six-pack of Bud tall-boys, and then honorably moved on to my Natty Ice stash. Kudos Mergie - no beer snobs here.
We eventually switched to PL Omaha, and true to my prediction that someone would get stacked in the first orbit, I stacked Honus when I flopped top set against his big wrap draw, and my hand held up. I also got my revenge on Ranxx for the Draw Two cards, by drawing to a wrap straight in PL Omaha with a two-flush on the board and calling him after catching - even though my straight card completed the flush. Vortex broke out "I can dodge bullets baby!" after laying down top two pair to H0nus's rivered gutshot.
We finally screened the Shana "Roast Beef" Hyatt Hawaiian Tropic video, which, after all the anticipation, was anticlimactic to say the least.
I ended the night up $420, which, combined with the $115 I hammered out in 90 minutes at the club earlier in the day, made for a somewhat productive day.
This morning, me and Mrs. Dynamite are cooking up a storm:
Oven roasted chicken with garlic/basil rub
White bread stuffing with hot and sweet sausage
Roasted butternut squash
Sauteed greenbeans
Skin-on mashed potatoes
Mrs. Dynamite's Homemade Apple Pie
Cranberry-Pineapple sauce
wine: Vincent Arroyo 2003 Melange Reserve (Napa)
Happy Thanksgiving to all, and may the flop be with you.


SoxLover said...

I appreciate that you link to me specifically on the phrase "man-rape victim". Just the image I'm trying to cultivate at the poker table.

Kid Dynamite said...

Zed? Zed's dead... YOU said it baby!

Unknown said...

Annoying French chick: Where did you get this motorcycle?
Butch : Its not a motorcycle baby, its a chopper
Annoying French chick: Where did you get this chopper?
Butch: Zed
Annoying French chick: Who is Zedt
Butch: Zed? Zeds dead baby, Zeds dead
Great blog