Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rhymin' and Stealin'

Now, when you take an idea from another blog, you need to give that blog credit. I'm sure there's a "bloggers code" somewhere. So, when I stumbled upon Oddjack's link via WickedChops' link to an article that DonkeyPuncher wrote about what would happen if we compared professional wrestling stars to poker celebrities, I was more than a little pissed not to see any credit given to Yours Truly. After all, I started the discussion way back on October 27th, debating how Marco Traniello and Mel Judah should settle the question: "who is the greatest former-hairdresser-turned-poker-pro on the Circuit today?"

That said, I think DonkeyPuncher did a spectacular job with the analysis which I never had time to fully explore. The analogy between Kerry Von Erich and Stuey Ungar is about as good a parallel as one could possibly draw - other than my own Greg "Fossilman" Raymer --> "The Earthquake" John Tenta. DP also has some other cool stuff on his site, like a snippet of trash talking chat between David Oppenheim and Phil Ivey. I think I'm going to add him to my rotation of regularly read blogs, even though he stole my brilliant idea and didn't give me due props.
ZenPoker thought of the day: as Bones once told me, "Remember, when you're looking for solutions to problems in your poker game, look to Piper." If Rowdy Roddy Piper's words of wisdom cannot guide you, you need serious help. In almost all poker scenarios, the answer will either be
"Just when they thought they had the answers, I changed the questions,"
"Don't throw rocks at a man with a machine gun."
Seriously. Those two quotes will address all of your poker problems. Chew on that.

I also endorse, without reciprocity, Oddjack, WickedChops, Pauly, and Bobby Bracelet. If I had more time, I'd be like these guys. Except my junk wouldn't be as big as Bobby's.

Happy Thanksgiving to all - the KD homegame Thanksgiving Eve edition will be kicking off tomorrow evening, stay tuned for updates.



jremotigue said...

Never saw your post (or blog) before today. So I didn't take your idea, else I would have definitely given credit.

In my post I referred to one of my previous posts and a comment from Mean Gene for inspiration:

Anonymous said...

Interesting hair dresser thought...with that in mind, a question for you: what group do you think would do best in a heads-up-double-shoot-out? The ex-hair-stylists (Judah, Marco) or the ex-magicians (Esfandiari, Lazar)? We should debate this. It's an important question.

Kid Dynamite said...

yes Chops, there is SIGNIFICANT work to be done on this topic...

The ex-internet millionaires Gordon & Phillips would trump both groups.

I'd also prefer the manical former backgammon wizards: Paul Magriel & Gus Hansen

more later...

Anonymous said...

i saw Mike Gracz getting some tutorial help in backgammon from some swarmy Europeans at this year's WSOP...outside the main event. I wonder if he's on his way to wizard status yet. and speaking of wizards, of sorts, another subset is ex Magic the Gathering players like Efro and David Williams. Actually, the list of subsets go on...crazies, boat people, people who used to be fat and ugly and now are skinny and ugly, people who used to be skinny and ugly and are now fat and ugly, and so on... it all would make for interesting study. btw KD, when we list you at Wicked Chops should it be as Kid Dynamite's World or Friday in Vegas?

Kid Dynamite said...

hmmm.. former Magic tools... yeah - a definitely dorky, but dominant subset.

Mike Gracz is nasty. He's legit. and Hon Le is King of the Crazy Boat People.

Holy crap: i just had two more wrestler-poker player epiphanies: Jean-Robert Bellande = The Rock, and Amir Vahedi = the Iron Sheik.

Snake, it'd be an honor to be listed on WC as simply: Kid Dynamite

thanks for reading