Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Odds & Ends

- From Benjo via Pauly comes the Angle Shoot of the Year:
"Benjo told me a hilarious story about how Bellagio hookers were trying to cash tournament chips at the cage. Apparently, a couple of horny and angle-shooting poker players removed $1,000 denomination tournament chips out of play. They used those chips to pay off hookers, who were not very bright and accepted the chips in return for sexual favors. Of course they did not read the fine print on the chips where it said it's not legal tender and only a tournament chip. Horny Poker Players 1, Dumb Hookers 0."
- The Bracelet posted a tremendous true story about his visit to the ultrasound technician to get his nutsack wanded. This story is MULTI-sigmas, and made me laugh out loud at least 3 times.
- I liked the parody better, but if you want to watch the actual Shaq rap, you can find it here. I'd embed it on this page, but it's really, really horrible.
- You should continue to check in daily with the boys at WickedChopsPoker for all the daily WSOP action, gossip and behind the scenes rumblings.

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Twin C said...

Dude, nice shout out on Wicked Chops!