Friday, June 06, 2008

These Are My Friends

I'm back in Boston for my 10 year college reunion. Walking around town today, I walked right into Kobe Bryant, being trailed by a video camera and an assortment of local Murphs and Sullys harassing him to sign stuff, which Kobe appeared to be politely refusing. I texted several of my friends: "Just walked by Kobe on the street" and within minutes got the following replies:

Big Show: "U punch him in the junk?"
Dan: "Punch him in the balls"
Jeff: "Kick him in the nuts for me"

Gotta hand it to Boston fans on their never ending desire to punch the opposing team's superstar in the junk.

Although my fanaticism for the Celtics waned in the wake of Larry Legend's retirement, I still get psyched for this finals match up with the Lakers. When I was growing up in the 80's, either the Celtics or the Lakers (and sometimes both) made the finals EVERY year in the 1980s. EVERY year. Also, in the 1960's, Bill Russell's Celtics annually pummeled the Lakers in the Finals. I guess every 20 years we get to re-enact this classic clash of NBA titans.




The Bracelet said...

I would have went for, "Dude, it probably wasn't Kobe, it was probably Angus."

Then I would have went for the kick him in the junk text.

I'm not going to lie to you, I will only pay attention to the score so I can see if that douchebag Kobe loses. I really don't like either team enough to even want to watch highlights.

Kobe annoys the fuck out of me.

And Pierce is one of those athletes that truly deserves to be punched in the face. How can you be an adult playing that much basketball (for that much money) and still have a twelve year old fat kid's physique? Seriously. It's pathetic.

Rondo may be mildly retarded.

They've got that half fat/half muscular guy that usually only a team like Penn State runs out on the court.

Ray Allen may as well be a fucking mime.

KG is the only likable player on the roster. He deserves a title just for that commercial where he walks through the city as people keep jumping on his back.

Even with all of that I'd still rather see Boston win.

Good luck to your celts.

Anonymous said...

Boston fans are the worst in the country. I hope LA wins at the buzzer in Game 7 so they can finish 2nd in yet another pro sport.