Saturday, September 20, 2008

Run Good!

First off, quality post on Check it out.
Now, thanks again to Pokerlistings for including me in the Run Good Challenge freeroll series. This week, I completely outplayed two time reigning champ Dan "The Boy" Skolovy, aka, the Canadian Assassin, on the very first hand, stacking him and sending him home talking to himself, no doubt vowing not to mess with Kid Dynamite in the future (DYKWTFIA?!?!): with 10-20 blinds and T1500 stacks, it was folded to me on the button where I saw 7-7. I opened for 60, and Dan, knowing that I'm aggro, re-popped me to 240 with nothing. Knowing that I knew that he knew that I was aggro, I snap-pushed, and he snap called me with... QQ! Donkey. Obviously, I spiked a 7, but I forgot to chat: "REPORT TO THE RAIL." I should win some kind of bonus for being the first person to stack Dan in 3 weeks.
I then got it in bad again against Chops, when he 3-bet someone preflop with KK, but I woke up in the SB with QQ and pushed on him. He called, and crawled back to his hookers and blow when I spiked a Q.
Eventually, I lost a race to host Matt Showell of Pokerlistings, with AJ vs his 22, and the very next hand my JJ ran into Amy Calistri's aces. I finally managed to muster one measly point (from my 6th place finish) in the standings, which wasn't enough to qualify me for the finals. At least I managed to outlast Pauly's seat this week - which was vacant, being blinded off as, I presume, he was getting completely blitzed at the Yankee game. I think in the 3 week Run Good series, I probably got all-in 10 times, and was dominated 8 of them. Well played sir!
ShortStacked Shamus won the event, and the prize pool that had been rolled over twice because Dan was ineligible to win the money. Shamus earned it - dominating me from both sides (ouch) - at our first table when he constantly applied pressure from the button on my blinds, and at the final table when he adequately defended his blinds against my relentless pressure.
Stay tuned this week for my Vegas Indian Summer 2008 recaps, including Kid Dynamite and the Big Show's adventures in: Mirage 1-4 limit stud! Venetian 4-8 Omaha8 with a 1/2 kill! Poker with Jose Canseco, and a showdown with Crazy Mike. Of course, there are blackjack and baccarat shenanigans aplenty, and some in depth analysis of the latest in urinal technology.
wait for it...

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