Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Veeps Schmeeps

Unfortunately, it will be impossible to avoid publishing some political rants over the next few months. Today, in lieu of a rant, I pose the following philosophical question: why should the personal lives of the candidates be off limits if they give us a look at the values they portray? Let me get more specific, while being fair to hit both parties:
Sarah Palin, the GOP VP candidate, was in the news the past few days because her unwed 17 year old daughter is pregnant. Does this matter? Well, I'd leave it to the words of another teenager - some random girl who was being interviewed on NBC or ABC or something, who said simply: "If she (Palin) can't control her own daughter, how will she control the Unites States of America?" Seems like a reasonable question to me.
On the other side of the ticket, I'm simply shocked that the Democrats are trumpeting Joe Biden's lack of personal wealth as if it is a testament to his character. Biden is the 99th wealthiest out of 100 senators. While that may be good for portraying him as the opposite of John McCain, it is not an admirable trait considering how well compensated he has been, and rather than lauding his net worth, listed as "between $70k and $150k," voters might do well to ask themselves how this man has managed to avoid saving any money. Strangely, I saw nothing critical written about Biden's lack of net worth, aside from a well written political blog in the free NY daily, AM New York, from Jeff Akston. The gist of Jeff's post is that Biden seems to be saying, "Put me in charge, and I'll burn through your money like I have mine!" In fact, I guess that makes him a good Liberal candidate after all...
Now THIS is what a real VP candidate should look like... I think this is one of my all time favorite YouTubes...


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